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We recognise that many Managers are promoted as they were fantastic at their job but are rarely trained to be a Manager and so sometimes struggle with how to tackle the day to day issues that arise in any business. Our workshop programme has been designed from feedbak from our clients and gives any Manager both the information, advice and practice to be more effective in their daily role.

All our workshops run for a 3 hour duration and can be delivered at your premises to a team (6 or more) or from our Training Centre in Morley, Leeds. If you do not have the number of Managers to train at your own premises then our open courses at our training centre have proved popular as your Managers get to share their experience and frustrations with other Managers from businesses around the Yorkshire region.

Our workshops are priced per delegate at a rate of £95.00 + VAT or with a loyalty discount for our clients at £65.00 + VAT

Here are a selection of our most popular workshops, we do however develop and deliver workshops on a bespoke basis to address the training needs of your business so please contact us on 0844 8797286 if the topic you are looking for is not listed.

Workshop Title Workshop Description
Absence Management

Suitable for any Manager with Line Management responsibilities.

Absence in the workplace can be disruptive to the business and also cause ill feeling if not managed proactively. This workshop will cover:

- Adhoc sickness absence and how to implement absence management programmes to give a fair and consistent approach.

- Return to work interviews, what these are and how to use this process to best effect.

- Long term sickness absence, how to support your employees and gain access to expert help to assist you in getting your employees back to work.

- Long term sickness dismissal, when may a dismissal need to be considered and what is the process.

- Family friendly absence - what policies and processes are in place and how do you apply these.

- Unpaid leave requests, how should you handle these.

- Other absence such as Jury Duty, what are your obligations to grant leave.

Delegates will leave with an understanding of the different types of absence and how each should be managed fairly and consistently.

Appraisal Skills

This course is specifically designed to be delivered to Managers within a Business who complete employee appraisals.

The course will cover:

- What are the expected outcomes of using an appraisal system.

- What the employees should be preparing in advance of their appraisal.

- What Managers need to prepare in advance of an employee appraisal.

- The appraisal meeting and how this should be conducted and recorded.

- How to set SMART objectives.

- How to breakdown the actions from an Appraisal to ensure an employee actually progresses over the course of the year.

Getting a positive result from the Disciplinary Process

Suitable for any Manager that has Line Management responsibilities.

The disciplinary process is often thought of as a process for punishment when this couldn't be further from the truth. In this workshop we will:

- Give you an overview of the Disciplinary Process and the minimum standard you should be following as a Manager.

- Review what type of behaviour and conduct can be dealt with under the disciplinary process.

- Consider how you can improve performance as a result of the disciplinary process so you get that positive outcome.

Delegates will leave with a good understanding of what the disciplinary process is, how and when to use this and more importantly how this can result in positive behaviour for their team.

An interactive workshop with Managers from other local businesses, giving you the opportunity to share your experiences and start to put into practice the skills you will learn.

Effective Performance Management

The aims of this workshop are to give Managers options on how to get these best from their team through different performance management strategies, we will cover:

- Importance of Job Descriptions

- What is a Key Performance Indicator and how are these used?

- How regular performance reviews on a 121 basis can boost motivation and morale.

- Dealing with poor performance and how to write a performance improvement plan.

- Appraisals and how to get the most from this process (and not make this a waste of time)

- Reward and recognition, how can you celebrate success?

Delegates will leave with different ideas that can be put into practice in the workplace with ease to improve the performance of their teams.

Grievances - How to effectively handle employee complaints

When an employee is unhappy or experiences an issue at work then they have the right to raise a grievance, whether informal or formal. The purpose of this course is to increase the confidence your Managers have to tackle an employee complaint and ensure this is dealt with fairly and correctly.

The course will cover:

- An overview of the Grievance process.

- The difference between and informal and formal grievance.

- How to conduct an effective and thorough investigation.

- What you should cover at a grievance meeting.

- How to communicate your findings and decision.

- What next? How to follow through with the actions needed to resolve the grievance.

- What to do if your findings do not support the employees complaint.

Delegates will leave with a good understanding of how to handle an employee complaint confidently and effectively.

Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

As a Manager there are often tell tale signs that an employee may have issues or problems which start to impact their work and Mental Health related issues and illnesses are on the rise. Mental Health still carries a stigma in the workplace and often Managers shy away from recognising and therefore addressing these concerns with their team, this workshop will provide you with the tools and knowledge to start you on the right path in being able to support employees that may be suffering from Mental Health related problems.

This workshop will cover:

- Dispelling the myth and stigma of Mental Health

- How to dicuss Mental Health issues with employees that disclose their illness to you.

- Overview of more common Mental Health issues and the tell tale signs.

- What is a Mental Health First Aider and how can they help your business or team?

- What expert support is available for you to access.

Mental Health is such a large topic, the aim of this course is to improve awareness in the workplace and encourage action from Managers so you feel confident in approach employees that have either disclosed a Mental Health illness or are displaying signs of concern to you.


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Dragonfly Grounds Care Ltd

You are all doing a fantastic job guys and I just want to let you all know we would be in a real panic had it not been for the support and advice you have given us so far. I really don't know if we would have been in business at the end of this. But with your exceptional effort I feel much more confident that we can ride this storm and come out the other end. The decision we made as a business to procure your services has paid massive dividends.

Thank you from all at Dragonfly.

Dragonfly Grounds Care Ltd

Northern Accountants

Sarah and the team at Quest have provided us HR support since January 2013.

Quest Consulting Services provided us with a comprehensive employment structure with contacts and a handbook and have been on hand to help me deal with the occasional issue I have faced with team members through their telephone support service.

As our personal Consultant, Sarah provides a quality, professional and complete service which is great value for money.

Northern Accountants

Off Limits Corporate Events

Sarah has transformed our HR and has introduced systems that have taken lots of hassle away from staffing issues within our company.

We have worked with Sarah and her team for 5 years and in this time our business has grown considerably. With telephone support available for all our Managers as they need it plus Sarah and her team proactively keeping us updated on changes in legislation we are reassured that we are in safe hands.

The HR software that Quest implemented also helps us keep on top of the routine aspects of HR such as holiday bookings, recording absence, holding personnel records which then allows Sarah and her team easy access to give us relevant advice.

Our Managers have also benefited from workshops run by Sarah to help develop their skills on handling issues such as disciplinary, appraisals, recruitment etc….

The support of Quest is invaluable and provides a much more cost effective solution than employing a HR Manager in house.

Off Limits Corporate Events

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