Minimum Wage Court Battle

Allegations for failure to pay National Minimum Wage

Contractor, Sevacare, who provide care services and support to around 9,500 people per week through contacts with Local Authorities re subject to allegations by 17 care workers for failing to pay the NMW.

It appears, through payslips, that some staff were paid rates as low as £3.27 per hour.

Sevacare says it does pay NMW or above but workers argue that hours deemed as 'off duty' should be included. According to Unison, this rate was being paid to a number of carers who act as 'live in' care workers.

The carers argue that they were on duty 24 hours a day as they were caring for an elderly lady with sever dementia. They slept in the same room to tend for her needs during the night.

All workers were on zero hours contracts and felt they would be penalized for turning work down.

Sevacare disputes these claims.

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