Corporate Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible company, we are an ethically-driven company which strives to support and practice high standards of social and environmental responsibility. Our CSR Policy is fundamental to the way we work and we aim to have a positive effect on the communities around us and on our planet.

Our charity commitment
One of our key commitments is to nominate a Quest Charity of the Year which we then support throughout the year in any way we can. In 2015, we were delighted to support Levi’s Star and Levi’s Angels, twin charities run by a single management team to support children with brain tumours and their families (Levi’s Star) and bereaved adults (Levi’s Angels). These two charities do great work across the Yorkshire region and we are proud to have supported their deserving causes.

The Quest Charity of the Year 2018

We like to support a local charity each year and we are delighted to say we have 2 deserving charities this year that we will support with our fundraising activities.

Cash for Kids is Bauer Radio’s network of local charities, which operate across 22 areas around the UK. Our mission is to respond to the needs of children in our communities, and we aspire to enable all children to live life to the full and achieve their individual potential.

Each Cash for Kids charity was established to channel the caring of the local community into the welfare of their own youngsters. We use the power of our radio brands to deliver initiatives for sick and underprivileged children in our communities, to benefit local children and give the most disadvantaged a better and brighter future.

Every year we raise millions of pounds for local children and young people who are suffering from abuse or neglect, who are disabled and have special needs or who simply need extra care or guidance.

We participate in a huge variety of fundraising events both on & off air and by encouraging individuals, groups, schools and companies to jump on board, join in the fun and offer a helping hand to disadvantaged children in their own community.

With cash raised locally each charity guarantees that the generous donations made by listeners will go towards bringing hope, healing and happiness to children in their community. All the money raised on behalf of Cash for Kids stays in the area it was raised in providing a helping hand when and where it is needed most.

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St George’s Crypt is a charity in the City of Leeds formed in 1930 by Reverend Percy Donald ‘Don’ Robins and provides aid to the homeless, the vulnerable and those suffering from addiction.

In its infancy, when it was full of coffins and vaults with holes in the walls and a thick carpet of dust on the floor, the Crypt under St George’s Church served as a refuge for those suffering the effects of the Depression. The first £3 ever raised by the Crypt was spent on canvas used to cover the coffins and holes. Members of the congregation brought milk, sugar and cocoa and, when it opened, people began to pour in. An appeal made by Don brought in more food and clothing as the numbers grew.

During the Second World War, the Crypt was converted into an air raid shelter and, after the war’s conclusion, was used as a rehabilitation centre for men who’d fought in the war. A daytime drop-in centre provided support to the families of soldiers and, after the first 9 months, half of the residents had successfully re-integrated into society

The Crypt became a registered charity in 1967, at which point it began its work with the homeless, vulnerable and those suffering from addiction which it continues to this day, providing comfort, food and warm clothing to those in need.


Northern Accountants

Sarah and the team at Quest have provided us HR support since January 2013.

Quest Consulting Services provided us with a comprehensive employment structure with contacts and a handbook and have been on hand to help me deal with the occasional issue I have faced with team members through their telephone support service.

As our personal Consultant, Sarah provides a quality, professional and complete service which is great value for money.

Northern Accountants

10 Associates

Why would anybody NOT have Sarah working 'alongside' their business?

I've known Sarah for many years and she's always been there for me and the business when her wealth of knowledge has been called upon.

We have used Sarah and her team to handle our contracts, handbook and Health & Safety and they are readily available on the telephone when needed or on site at our premises.

Highly recommended.

10 Associates

Fisher Financial Management Ltd

As a busy owner of an expanding Financial Services company, we recently took on our first employee and wanted to make sure everything was done properly and so we enlisted the expertise of Quest Consulting Services to help draw up the necessary contract of employment.

Sarah, our Consultant, made the whole process straight forward and the costs reasonable to ensure both the company and the employee were fully protected.

I would not hesitate to recommend Quest Consulting Services to any colleagues or business clients.

Fisher Financial Management Ltd

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